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Product Usage Guidelines

Flitz Polishing Guide The Best Auto/Car Polish for Chrome, Aluminum, Paint, Plastic and more....

Flitz: Cleans, polishes, and protects up to 6 months. 3 Months in Salt Water. Safe for use on Brass, Copper, Bronze, Sterling Sliver, Silver Plate, Solid Gold, Pewter, Chrome Stainless Steel, Beryllium, Magnesium, Nickel, Platinum, Anodized Aluminum, Armatel, Factory Gun Bluing, Glass, Fiberglass, Plexiglas, Eisenglass, Acrylic, Painted Surfaces.

Instructions For General purpose use: Use sparingly, polish with a soft cloth while FLITZ is still moist. Do not let dry.

POLISHING TIP: For Brass, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Mag Alloys, Stainless Steel etc… Apply FLITZ with a paper towel. The paper towel will act as a mild abrasive and help to remove heavy tarnish faster. Polish with soft cloth.

RUST TIP: Use Flitz with #0000 steel wool or a white 3M TM Scotch Brite pad to act as an abrasive. Bronze wool may be used for marine applications.

WATER STAINS: Shower Doors/ Glass Windows/ Metal fixtures etc. For stubborn water stains, surface rust, and lime deposits, apply Flitz with nylon blue or white 3M TM Scotch Brite pad to act as an abrasive.

FIBERGLASS & PAINTED SURFACES: Flitz safely removes oxidation, chalking, and sun fading on fiberglass, Plexiglas and painted surfaces. For large fiberglass and painted surfaces Flitz can be applied using a low speed buffer. (Under 1000 R.P.M.) A random orbital buffer designed for this purpose may also be used. If polishing by hand, apply FLITZ with a damp cloth, buff with a soft dry cloth.

HEAT DISCOLORATION: On chrome exhaust pipes, truck stacks and stovetops, warm up the surface (not hot), apply Flitz, and let penetrate 3 minutes and rub briskly with paper towel. Up to 3 applications may be necessary.

JEWELRY TIP: Flitz will not harm diamonds or gemstones. Great for solid gold, silver, and platinum.

HEAVY TARNISH AND ANTIQUES: (Brass, Bronze, Copper Only) If metal is very dark or green an Acid precleaner can be used. Wipe or spray liquid Lysol TM Toilet Bowl Cleaner or Eagle One TM Chrome & Wire Wheel Cleaner onto surface to be cleaned. Take caution and wear gloves. Let sit 5 to 7 minutes, repeat if necessary. Wash off with baking soda and water to neutralize the acid. Polish metal with Flitz and a paper towel or rag.

DIAMOND PLATE ALUMINUM TIP: Use Flitz with a soft bristled brush to reach all grooves and crevices or a Flitz Polishing and Buffing Ball.

ALUMINUM TIP: For large surfaces Flitz may be applied with a slow speed, or random orbital buffer. Lambs wool, terry cloth, or foam pads may be used. Wipe surfaces with baking flour or cornstarch to remove black residue. A solvent, such as Denatured Alcohol, may be used around rivets or crevices.

Heavily Oxidized Aluminum: To save time, an acid precleaner can be used to remove stubborn oxidation and salt water staining on aluminum. If you are unsure about this process call for specific details.

GUN CLEANING: Put Flitz onto clean gun patch or bore brush. Lightly work into barrel. Remove dirty patch, buff with clean patch. For Polishing brass gun shells in tumblers use 2 TBLS of Flitz. Flitz safely removes rust on factory gun bluing.

CLEAR COATING: Flitz will not harm or remove clear protective coatings such as lacquer or polyurethane etc. To remove the tarnish beneath the lacquered finish, you must first strip off the lacquer coating. Use lacquers stripper or paint remover. A clear coating may be reapplied after polishing if desired.

PLEXIGLASS & EISENGLASS: For cleaning water spots and light stains use Flitz with a damp Microfiber Cloth, buff with a clean dry Microfiber Cloth. For scuffmarks and discoloration use Flitz with a dry Microfiber Cloth or a Flitz Polishing & Buffing Ball.

FLITZ POLISHING & BUFFING BALL: Ideal for buffing hard to reach areas. Fits all drills & air tools. No over heating because of orbital design. Buffs up to 2000 rpm. Will buff out scuffs, oxidation, tarnish, brake dust, pitting, corrosion on all metals, paints, fiberglass, plastics, eisenglass, and wood. Reusable, machine washable. Polishes in minutes what otherwise takes hours. Great on textured or smooth surfaces.

MICROFIBER POLISHING CLOTH: Absorbing 4 times its weight! Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, grime, grease, oil, polish, wax, insects, tar & nicotine film. Streak free cleaning. Use wet or dry. Micro fibers attract the grime and liquid deep into the ultra thin, wedge shaped fibers and holds it like a magnet. No Lint

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