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Ray Lorenz of Family Handyman Magazine
"When we first saw the dramatic before and after results of Flitz, my wife and I launched a full evening of cleaning and polishing aluminum lawn furniture, rust-specked bicycle handlebars and the tarnished brass of our antique desk lamp. The name Flitz may be short, but this German import cleans a long list of household items."

Dwan Welty
"I purchased a can of Flitz at the boat show in Wichita, Kansas. I have a Stingray that was very oxidized. I have only started to use Flitz and at this stage I am impressed."

Grady White Boats
"Grady-white Boats, Inc. uses your Flitz Metal Polish & Fiberglass Cleaner. We recommend it to our dealers and customers to clean exterior metal impurities off the surface of stainless steel as well as aluminum . . .
Frank H. Longno, Jr.
Vice President/Marketing"

Boating Life Magazine
"Flitz Metal Polish and Fiberglass Cleaner makes metal and fiberglass sparkle with a minimum of elbow grease and leaves a protective coating behind to keep the shine shining. Flitz has been polishing metal and fiberglass on boats since - - - well, since boats were made of fiberglass."

Race Gas Snowmobile Magazine
"We recently had the opportunity to try the Flitz Metal Polish on the alunimum of our 26' Elite Trailer. With the help of the Polishing & Buffing Ball our aluminum now has a chrome-like shine!! This stuff works well on all metals including trailers, snowmobile tunnels, and quite possibly your steel toed boots."

"We have tested Flitz Polish extensively over the past years on our snowmobiles, cars, trucks, watercraft and boats. We have found Flitz to be the best product we have seen, particularly for restoring gel-coat on fiberglass. It seems to be much easier to use than other products for polishing aluminum surfaces, taking them to a better-than-new finish.
Kent Lester
Supertrax Magazine"

Stingray Corvette Club
"I happened to stumble onto your product at a car show, and was very impressed by the product and all its uses. Flitz cleans my award winning 74 Corvette components from chrome to aluminum and even glass. There is nothing better on the market for my Corvette, and my other toys . . .
Buck Fraser
President - Stoney Creek Corvette Club"

"Dear Sirs:
I am really angry . . . at myself.
For the past 2 weeks I have attempted to clean & polish the exhaust manifold of a BMW K1100 LT Motorcycle. Based on the claims on the labels, I have purchased [other well known cleaners & polishers] and not one has cleaned the part.

I found a small tube of the Flitz Metal Polish and thought "another experiment" and low and behold IT WORKS!!!!! It even cleaned the body of the custom made shock absorber, raw billet aluminum.
A loyal customer,
Larry Amprim"

Local Harley-Davidson Dealers
"We rely on Flitz in our used bike reconditioning area and in our service department detail area. It enables us to bring a smile to our service & sales department customers. Thanks once again for your support in our endeavors.

Flitz Metal Polish works well to clean and polish chromed and polished aluminum parts. It also works well to take off the bluing on the exhaust systems."

Bellview Volunteer Fire Department
"Previously, we tried practically every known brand of metal polishes and cleaning compounds commercially available, including acid solutions. Finally, I issued one can of Flitz polish to the Company Officer of Engine Company 115 and went to my office. About one hour later I returned and to my amazement he and several members of his crew had polished the engine's metal work!! I am a believer!!"

Shooting Industry Magazine
"I absolutely love your product and now I've gotten my editor addicted to your product as well. Thank you for such a great product!!"

U.S. Olympic Shooting Team
"As a technical advisor for the U.S. Shooting Team, I have found your product SUPERIOR as a bore cleaner for rifle barrels. It removes both lead and copper foulings quickly and safely."

United States Aviation Museum
"We received your generous donation and have already started polishing select sections of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

We feel your product is of exceptional quality and will make this aircraft be the envy of war bird lovers. We are most impressed with its ability to cut through the oxidation and bring the aluminum to a mirror like finish."

World Golf Hall of Fame
"We used the Flitz Metal Polish to clean the enormous brass trophy from the NEC World Series of Golf Championship donated to us from Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio.

The surface was in poor condition - very badly discolored and covered with fingerprints. Using the Flitz polish, it has now been restored to its original beauty. I particularly appreciate the efficiency of your product and the lack of mess when using it."

"Dear Flitz,
I have had hard water and lime stains on my 97 Honda Civic windows for over 5 years. Finally I have been able to remove them. I was skeptical to say the least. But figured I would try this economical attempt at removing the stains before taking the drastic measure of replacing the windows with new ones. The stains came from 2 years of sprinklers with recycled water pelting the passenger side of my car while it was parked in my driveway. Furthermore I was stationed at Edwards AFB and the extreme heat of the Mojave desert summers had baked on the stains. I honestly felt after two trips to auto detailers and using home products (Lime Away and CLR to name two) that there was only the expensive route of window replacement to get the clear windows I strived for. But thanks to your product and simple instructions you have saved this overworked and underpaid Air Force Staff Sergeant from dipping into my savings account. Thanks again.
SSgt Nicholas S. Phillips
Los Angeles, CA"
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