Serving the Powersport Industry!
Authorized distributor of Flitz Products!

Product Usage


Exceptional on Door Hardware, Faucets, Stainless Steel Sinks, Shower Doors, Shower Enclosures, Trim, Fireplaces and Wood stoves.

Housewares and Giftware:
Exceptional on Stove Tops, Outdoor Lighting, Window and Door Frames, Leaded Glass, Door Locks, Antiques, Jewelry, Flatware, Sculptures, Trophies, Brass Beds and Silver.

Sporting Goods/Law Enforcement:
Exceptional on Rods, Reels, Knives, Lures, Horse Tack, Factory Hot Blues Guns, Bore Cleaning/Reloading, Bicycles, Gold Clubs, Fire Trucks, Badges, Plexiglas Light Bars and Aluminum Plate.

Exceptional on Stanchions and Fittings, Bow Rails, Hardware, Port Holes, Winches, Fiberglass, Plexiglas, Eisen Glass, Clearcoat, Powdercoat and Gelcoat paints.

Industrial/Factory/Hotel and Restaurant Supply:
Exceptional on Molds, Printer Drums, Dies, Trains, Cruise Ships, Buses, Window and Door Enclosures, Taxi Renovation, Brass Rails, Cookware, Sinks, Water Fountains, Flatware, Chafing Dishes, Elevator and Door Thresholds, Beer Tappers, Restroom Dividers and Graffiti.

Exceptional on Wheels, Bumpers, Exhaust Stacks, Running Boards, Painted and Fiberglass Surfaces, Valve Covers, Motorcycle Casings and Headers. Safe on: Clear, Powder and Gelcoat paints.

Exceptional on Leading Edges, Inlets, Spinners, Helicopter Bubbles, Plexiglas Windows, Tubing on Ultra Lights, Thrust Reversers and Exhaust Stacks.

Musical Instruments:
Exceptional on Cymbals, Trumpets, Flutes, Guitar Frets and Nickel Clarinet Keys.

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